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Why Matrex

Our Strategy Is to Produce the “Next Best Thing” – First!

We Deliver on Our Promises

Matrex is a certified WBNEC company started by a woman entrepreneur with a passion for quality, creativity and a personal dedication to customer service. That passion continues to be demonstrated by our support of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center, Demon Angels and Women in Entrepreneurship Institute.

At Matrex, honesty isn’t just the best policy, it’s the only way we do business.

We deliver on our promises because that’s what integrity is all about. When we quote you a price, that’s the price – 100% of the time. And if we don’t think we’re the best people for your project, we’ll tell you so upfront. We’ll even recommend someone else who might be a better fit. You see, we work in partnership with our clients. And partners need to trust each other.

We’re the Right Size Company for You

Big enough to handle all the moving parts of your project and small enough to nimbly meet tight deadlines and unexpected glitches.

We’ll Save You Money

Over the course of a year, we save our clients up to 10 to 12% of their annual spend. We do it by cost containment and keeping a lot of the work in-house. We also document our results so you’ll know where and how to reinvest your assets in the future.

No One has Better Crates than We Do

Experiential exhibits take time, talent and money to build. We think they should be treated with care so they last. That’s why we build our crates so everything in them arrives safe and sound. We rest our case. And our crates.

We’re Entrepreneurs with a Passion for What We Do

Brands become icons by anticipating where the market is going — not following where it’s been. So, we study the market trends, listen to our clients and their customers and do our best to lead them in the direction of success.