More Than Just Innovation


After conceiving and executing the first Interactive Learning Center (ILC) for our partner Viega at their NH corporate headquarters, Viega began planning a new education center in Denver. The building’s architect earmarked a large glass area at the building’s entry area for an interactive learning… but what we were imagining simply would not fit the space.

Viega trusted our vision and we moved the ILC into the hallway between classrooms. With walls that turn transparent revealing the product inside and automated live demonstrations with running water, we could tell more and bigger stories. It also allowed us to turn the entry welcoming area into a 22-foot tall digital “Gateway” that features bold animations of Viega products, nature, and visions of the future. So, from the moment a visitor steps foot in the building, they will know that Viega is more than just innovative products, they’re respectful of the environment and always looking forward.