Recruiting Event


The Chicago Marathon is the fourth-largest foot race in the world. Every year, Molex, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electrical, and fiber optic connectivity systems sponsors the event. As their products are not consumer facing, they use the event to build awareness for the company and recruit new talent.

Before race day, runners gather at McCormick Place for a three-day event to meet-up, interact, and pick-up their packets. Matrex created an exhibit for Molex that blended art and technology, mirroring the creativity and driven spirit of the company.

Guests could see video clips of attendees seemingly crossing the finish line in slow-motion on a large overhead monitor inspiring them to participate in the engagement activity. As they waited their turn, guests learned more about Molex on four monitors positioned along the queue. In addition, bios of Molex employees who were also running in the Marathon were shown on the large monitor with details about how Molex incentives their employees to participate and stay fit.

After creating their own video clip, guests instantly emailed it to themselves or shared on social media.