Theme-Based Engagement


JTI faced some real challenges at NACS. First, they represent multiple brands, each with dozens of products. Second, NACS is a very “noisy” show so getting attendees’ attention is tough. The solve? Matrex created a casual welcoming environment and a disruptive multi-player “Wheel of Fortune” type game. On a large digital hanging sign, the wheel of products spun with the familiar clicking sound pumped through speakers on all sides. This was followed by a message letting attendees as far away as two aisles over know they could win high-end prizes. Then, before each spin, we collected attendee badge information, showed them the breadth of products, and asked a few qualifying and product interest questions. Each show day, all the data was aggregated into one spreadsheet, integrated into their CRM, and utilized for immediate targeted follow-up.

Program Features:

  • Custom themed rental architecture
  • Disruptive attractor to overcome a “noisy” show
  • Multi-purpose engagement
  • Attractor
  • Informer
  • Data collection
  • Digital product explorers throughout the booth
  • Branded product showcase areas
  • Multiple lounge seating areas for follow-up conversations