Industrial Trade Show Program

Matrex won a highly competitive bid for Mitsubishi Electric’s premier booth business and defeated a longtime incumbent by emphasizing design with a strategic approach to storytelling. The design of the space is driven by Mitsubishi Electric’s products and their commitment to Performance, Compatibility and Quality.

To tell the unique feature of Mitsubishi’s products being version compatible, a custom game created by Mitsubishi engineers, called “Tetromino”, allowed attendees to experience a spin on a classic video game, using vintage controllers from well-known nostalgic gaming consoles.

Within the 100’ x 50’ booth, Matrex incorporated a booth within a booth, which is an inline exhibit for Mitsubishi Electric to use at smaller inline shows and tell their IA technology story. Matrex also designed and fabricated custom shrouds and enclosures for the robotic arm demos that were detailed with the iconic Mitsubishi red line.


  • Recognized as best booth design at Mitsubishi Electric in 15 years
  • Modular Inline booth is integrated into larger footprint
  • Modularity for technology component reconfiguration
  • Gamified experience communicated compatibility
  • Custom designed and fabricated robotic arm demo shrouds