Virtual Surgical Theater


Matrex helped medical technology innovator IMRIS debut their ground-breaking MRI equipment in a virtual surgical theater. Using a combination of live action video, model simulation and touchscreen technology we demonstrated the benefits of the world’s first and only moveable CT and MRI, to surgeons and hospital administrators who immediately understood the value of custom operating rooms, optimized workflow and better patient outcomes.

This custom booth was produced to be modular and flexible, to be used as 10’ x 30’ down to 10’ x 10’; with each section usable as stand-alone showcase.

Program Features:

  • Custom-built 3D models illustrating flexible architecture to allow attendees to build their dream hospital suite
  • Virtual hospital suite created with 10’ x 10’ LED showpiece wall and video, replicating the patient experience strategically placed to emit light throughout venue and attract attention
  • Center table-based oversized touchscreen tablet featured innovation overview, promotional detail, equipment specifications and installation plans
  • High tech products prominently displaying cutting-edge probe and robotic technology