Hands-On Concrete Experience


Husqvarna wanted a big change with their outdoor exhibit for World of Concrete 2020 and beyond. They still wanted a large footprint to showcase their equipment, but they also wanted to enhance the Husqvarna brand and overall attendee experience.  Goals included being easier to navigate through the booth, easier to watch product demonstrations, and easier to meet with important customers and attendees.

Matrex utilized shipping containers to form a U-Shaped perimeter of the exhibit space.  Giant banners and a huge LED video wall on the face of a 20’ container provided high-visibility Husqvarna branding and corporate messaging. The interiors of each container were customized and multi-functional. Husqvarna products and demo areas were setup on the inside the perimeter to complete the full experience.

Program Features:

  • 11 custom shipping containers
  • Upper deck lookouts and meeting spaces
  • LED video wall
  • Hands-on product demonstration areas
  • Husqvarna retail store container
  • Customer service center container
  • Storage container