Focal Point


Focal Point had been absent from the LIGHTFAIR trade show for 10 years. They wanted a very impactful and purposeful design to reintroduce themselves, their products and their newly developed VIS ID and branding to this international community and reinforce that they are leaders in their field. At the same time, they wanted their graphics and messaging to be kept simple and to let the lighting speak for itself.

Their lighting products were the centralized focus in the design of the booth. Using light to accentuate and bring out the best in a room not only showcased the products themselves, but engaged attendees in discussions around the customization that Focal Point is known for. The journey through the inspirational environments encouraged builders and designers to create their own stories through light.

Program Features:

  • An “Immersion Room” demonstrated how different color temperatures affected the colors of the objects and furniture in a room where you were able to change out the color of a room instantaneously.
  • All signature luminaires throughout the showrooms were used in context, bringing out the character and the coloration of the luminaire and the environment they can create.

To avoid a closed off feeling from the outside, layers of printed sheer fabric adorned the walls creating a bright, shimmering effect from the lighting products generating intrigue without true access.