A Day in the Life


At the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), Otezla, a medication for the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis was launching their new national marketing campaign, “A Day in the Life.” The campaign highlights patients pursuing the simple joys of their everyday lives from a walk in the park to playing on a soccer team.

Matrex’s challenge was to bring this campaign to life and use it to drive meaningful conversation. We accomplished this by creating a comforting “park” setting with greenery, park lamps, and wrought iron tables and chairs to give attendees a minute to relax, opening the door to longer conversations.

To grab attendee attention, we mounted Otezla holograms to the park lamps featuring moving 3D Otezla tablets. We mirrored the animations with an oversized physical model of a tablet in the center of the space and surrounded it with touch-screen product explorers with detailed product information.

Finally, we highlighted the “A Day in the Life” campaign videos on a 3×3 monitor array in the back of the booth amidst a layered cityscape. When attendees stood on one of two different spots in front of the array, it triggered one of the many patient story videos.