Case Study

Building a Foundation for Growth

Johns Manville

Audience Acquisition Strategy / Creative Development / Experience Design / Gamification / Digital Media Execution / Custom Lead Retrieval / KPIs & Benchmarking

The Challenge

A Need for Data

International Roofing Expo attendees come from a variety of backgrounds, educations, geographies, and job functions. The architects, contractors, developers, and engineers and other industry professionals have specific—and diverse—interests and needs. So Johns Manville needed to create an engaging, interactive experience for the tradeshow floor that quickly led each attendee to product information that was relevant to them. At the same time, they needed to collect attendee contact information in order to facilitate a post-show follow-up strategy—more than just educating and entertaining, the experience had to collect data.

The Results

Double the Leads

Lead capture numbers increased twofold over previous years, and average engagement time clocked in at 7:18. Slick animations on the gleaming glass screens and high-end tech giveaway drew great crowds, and all the while Johns Manville was capturing industry professionals’ contact information and areas of interest to use for follow-up contact after the event. In fact, Roofolution was such a success that Johns Manville brought the experience to shows after the International Roofing Expo.