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EVENT MARKETER Announces the Industries ‘FAB 50’ Fabrication Partners


EVENT MARKETER Announces the Industries ‘FAB 50’ Fabrication Partners

Event Marketer magazine has named the top 50 fabrication partners for serving the event and trade show industry. The 2021 ninth annual Fab 50 includes the industries best at delivering brand messages and creating some of the world’s most impactful experiential builds.

Event Marketer shines a well-deserved spotlight on award-winning designers, strategists, producers, technologists, and other industry professionals that make experiences come to life.
This years judging review included:

  • People
  • Clients
  • Case Studies
  • Pivots (business adaptation in a COVID environment)
  • Capabilities
  • Capacities
  • Competencies

“With a global pandemic to contend with, the fabrication community has had to navigate a host of challenges over the last two years. On top of a stalled trade show industry, builders have been battling supply and labor shortages, the rising cost of materials and transportation, drawn-out production timelines and shipping delays. And then there’s the all-important business of managing client expectations amid a rapidly evolving industry and ever-changing health and safety regulations. But this year’s Fab 50 reached beyond their core capabilities to develop new skill sets, expand their virtual and hybrid event services, enhance their tech stacks, develop proprietary event solutions, and in some cases, pivot to building pop-up COVID vaccine sites.” -Event Marketer